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Swim Clinics are an opportunity for swimmers to take a break from their regimented training scheme to turn their focus purely to swim technique and skills for a one-off or a series of sessions. With an Olympic Swimmer as a coach, our clinics are designed to inspire swimmers to develop their skills and reach their potential. Michael has worked with the best coaches in the world to develop his technique and skills to be able to compete on the world stage. Through these swim clinics he is able to share his knowledge with the youngsters and pass on tips for improving their strokes or skills. 

Swim Clinics: What are the benefits?

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1. Complete online booking form.
2. Receive email confirmation.

Complete the online booking form to let us know the basics: your club, where you train, when you'd like your session, how many swimmers (approx.) and what you'd like us to deliver. Remember, we come to you! So there's no need to book extra pool time or make any other arrangements.

Within 48 hours, we will write to you to either confirm your session or suggest alternative dates depending on our availability. We will also begin an email conversation if you require to help you to plan the perfect session.

3. Inform your parents and swimmers.

Let your parents and swimmers know that and when the session is going ahead. We will provide you with some promotional material to get the message out!

4. Let the Swim Clinic Commence!

The only thing left to do now is to turn up!


Please make sure that you provide:  

  • A Level 2 qualified coach on poolside

  • A qualified lifeguard on poolside

  • A member of staff/parent/committee member to collect the payments from parents if necessary


We do the rest!


On the night of the clinic you will receive an invoice for the cost of the session, when can either be paid on the night or up to a week after the session. 

Please read our Terms of Business

Flexible, easy, simple, we offer swim clinics with a difference. We come to you! Rockstar Swimming provide you as a North West swimming club the opportunity to host your own swim clinic with our Olympian Michael Rock, in your own time at your own pool.



Please read the answers to our frequently asked questions.

Swim Clinics

When is Michael available to run the swim clinics?

Michael's availability includes evenings and weekends, and he may also be able to negotiate the occasional weekday during school holidays if required.

As Michael is in full time training as a Solicitor, he may be unavailable occasionally due to exams or university study days, however we will do our best to fit in with your timetable.

When completing the online booking form, you will be asked to suggest three dates and times in order of preference. Within 48 hours, we will confirm which of these dates is suitable. In the unlikely event that none of the dates are suitable, we will email you to negotiate an alternative date.

What do your swim clinics consist of?

We run our swim clinics in a way that is flexible and suitable to the club and swimmers involved. However our general set-up which clubs generally opt for is:


  • Ten minute introduction and dry-land stretch/warm up led by Olympian Michael Rock

  • Five minute pool warm up led by Michael Rock

  • Pool technique or swim skills session with demonstrations and instructions by Michael Rock. This can last between 45 minutes (for a one hour session) or 1 hour 45 minutes (two hour session). Pool session to be supervised by Michael as well as the club coach(es) and a lifeguard.

  • Autograph and photograph session with Michael Rock after the session.


The content of the pool session can be determined by the club/coach involved. This usually involves technique on any stroke or skills (dives/turns). We will need to know this in advance so Michael can prepare a good quality session.

How many swimmers can you cater for?

Our minimum requirement for a swim clinic is 10 swimmers per session, and our maximum capacity is 8 swimmers per lane (48 swimmers in a 6 lane pool). If you have a larger number of swimmers who are interested we can run multiple sessions back-to-back or over a series of weeks/days.

How long are your swim clinics?

Our swim clinics can be delivered in as short a time as one hour up to a full day, or even a sequence of days depending on the needs of the swimmers and the club. Michael will visit your club training session and deliver the session within your own time, so you do not need to organise extra pool time. Alternatively if you prefer, you could hire the pool for the entire day and make the most of the time - we are flexible in our pricing structure and can negotiate reduced prices for longer sessions.

What does the club need to do to prepare?

We make our swim clinics as simple as possible for the clubs, so as little organisation is involved as possible. Here is a general overview of what would be involved at your end:


  1. Complete the online booking form on the Rockstar Swimming website.

  2. Receive an email from Rockstar Swimming to either confirm your booking or suggest alternative dates if they are not available. If necessary, continue email/phone negotiation with Rockstar Swimming to agree a structure for the session.

  3. Once booking is confirmed, you will need to:

  • Contact your members and inform them about the session.

  • Pay the £100 deposit to Rockstar Swimming at least two weeks prior to the session.

  • On the night of the session, collect the money from swimmers/parents and pay the remaining amount to Rockstar Swimming.

Do we need to provide staff for the session?

In order for the session to run smoothly and legally, we will require the following staff to be present during the swim clinic:


  • A qualified lifeguard present on poolside

  • At least one qualified (Level 2) swimming coach

  • A member of staff/committee member/parent to collect payments from parents/swimmers and be on hand to assist with logistics.


If you are unable to provide any of the above, please contact Rockstar Swimming so we can try and negotiate a solution.


How much do the sessions cost?

Our sessions are priced at £15 per swimmer per hour (including VAT), with a minimum of 10 swimmers per session. For sessions longer than two hours we are flexible and can negotiate a reduced price.

The cost of the session can be covered by the parents of the swimmers, or can be paid for directly by the club. We can also increase the price per hour to enable clubs to use the session as a fundraising opportunity, for example at £20 per hour per swimmer, the club could benefit from £5 per swimmer who attends the session.

How and when do we pay for the session?

To confirm your booking, a £100 upfront payment is payable two weeks in advance of your session. You will receive an invoice on the night of the swim clinic for the remaining amount which can be paid by cheque on the night of the clinic or up to a week after the session.


What do we do if we need to cancel the session?

You can cancel the session with 48 hours notice and we will refund the full amount of the £100 upfront payment, no questions asked.

For any sessions cancelled with less than 48 hour notices, the full amount of £100 will still be charged*.


*We understand that sometimes problems can happen with the swimming pool last minute at no fault of the club. Therefore, if the session is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice we will consider the circumstances. Whilst we cannot refund the £100 directly, we can consider rescheduling the session and allowing the £100 upfront payment to be transfered over to the new session.

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